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As the workplace is becoming ever increasingly disrupted, the emphasis has now shifted to skills development through lifelong learning. 

We support individuals by providing you access to one or more  Capability Academies in which you are participating. Our SkillsLogiQ platform provides you with the power to take control of your own skills development needs for career progression and performance improvement.


You are supported by the expertise of leading academics though curated Learning Communities of Practice with rich functionality that provides the tools, knowledge and targeted skills development to enable your lifelong learning journey. It is supported by our education marketplace to target education and training to your exact skill needs for your job today and for your career aspirations.

Whether you participate through your Professional Academy, your Organisations' Capability Academy or, if a graduate of a partner university, your institutions Alumni Academy, you can obtain your own FREE personalised Skills Passport.  

This allows you to confidentially benchmark your skills profile against those in your communities with similar roles and jobs and to stand out in from the crowd when looking at career progression.

supporting skills development through lifelong learning

Your Organisation

As organisations face increasing pressures to deliver on their transformation objectives, workforce transformation is a critical element of success. 


The SkillsLogiQ platform allows organisations to configure internal Capability Academies to support their workforce transformation. From targeted competency-based skills development through to end-to-end Learning Communities of Practice, innovation and mentoring, SkillsLogiQ is your partner for 'performance-based' workforce transformation. 


Our plug-and-play application ecosystem, as well as our advanced data analytics and machine learning capability, means that your organisation is provided with a fully configurable support environment. This capability places an emphasis on performance improvement whilst at the same time allowing your organisation to build the competency-based workforce.


We uniquely combine the ability to configure your own competency frameworks, plus our growing library of industry competency standards, together with our platform applications. The result is a data-driven approach to personalised and targeted skills development based on your specific organisational 

competency requirements. This delivers a measurable R.O.I. from your training and development budget.   

We provide a variety of engagement strategies with our organisational clients including option for NO COST SOLUTIONS  as a no capex option to enable your workforce development needs. To explore these options contact us today. 


Your Institution

Institutions can develop a new value proposition with their alumni communities to deepen alumni relationships and become a true partner in your alumni's lifelong learning needs. 

Our SkillsLogiQ platform allows institutions to configure their own branded Capability Academy across industries and professions. 

As an education partner you can also promote and sell professional development and award courses targeted to skills needs of individuals and organisations and aligned to the competency frameworks of your organisational clients and professional standards.  

Similarly, SkillsLogiQ creates a bridge between academics and research expertise by promoting capability directly to organisations and Learning Communities of Practice to identify and support collaboration opportunities. This bridge between business and your institution is enhanced through or configured InnovateIQ application where you can promote research expertise  directly to those organisations with specific workforce innovation challenges.  

We provide a variety of engagement to our institutional clients including options for a NO COST solution to enable your alumni Capability Academy. To explore these options contact us today. 



As organisations increasingly focus on maturing their approach to competency management, the demand for services to assist in developing new contextualised competency frameworks has increased exponentially. The majority of these advisory services are being undertaken by independent consultants with expertise in workforce planning and corporate L&D. 

To support practitioners in this field SkillsLogiQ has developed SkillsMapperIQ - a stand alone application for consultants. 


This allows consultants to configure their clients' competency frameworks in order to undertake needs assessments for those clients.  SkillsMapperIQ has all the power of the full competency management capability of the SkillsLogiQ platform  including:


  • competency the self-assessments; 

  • supervisor assessments; 

  • ability to configure multiple frameworks;

  • recording of evidence of attainment; 

  • full management reporting including data analytics and configurable analytical and management reports; and,

  • extensions for client self-management. 

To find out more on SkillsMapperIQ click here

SkillsLogiQ offers a FREE consultants version of SkillsMapperIQ as well as options for enterprise referrals for new revenue generation.