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Established in 2016, SkillsLogiQ is a technology company providing skills management and workforce innovation solutions to individuals, organisations and higher-education institutions.

Individuals are facing ever-increasing career volatility and workers are increasingly influenced by the impact of technology and automation on their jobs.  Not only does this impact the skills needed for todays' jobs, but also in the jobs of the future. The result is a heightened need for workforces that are competency-based while, at the same time, supporting individuals through lifelong learning. This need can be addressed through the next generation of technology capability management, and so SkillsLogiQ was born!


SkillsLogiQ was founded by a group of industry leaders and academics from top-tier universities in Australia, the UK and North America. We applied our decades of experience in supporting corporate learning and development and co-designed our platform with some of Australia's largest private and public sector organisations. 

Our technology capability bridges the gap between traditional HR and workforce management and that of the learning management environment through data-driven and configurable 'Capability Academies' - the next evolution in workforce development. 

Our platform delivers a rich application ecosystem that places a focus on performance improvement of individuals, teams and organisations.This provides a new paradigm in skills management through application of advanced data analytics and machine learning to create an easy to use and personalised skills development, management and support environment. 


Additionally, the platform provides a systemised way for targeting education to the required role-specific skills of individuals throughout the career journey. 


Our application ecosystem provides customisable configurations to  allow organisations to best manage workforce development that focuses on building the competency-based workforce and to support skills attainment that has a focus on performance improvement.

We have a singular focus on skills attainment and creating integrated and interactive learning communities of practice and supporting life-long learning.

At SkillsLogiQ our promise is to enable individuals and organisations to build and manage skills for the workforce of the future, TODAY!

"I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” – Pablo Picasso

Our Mission

To enable individuals and organisations to build and manage skills for the workforce of the future TODAY! 


Our Vision

We aim to be the world's largest end-to-end platform to support skills development that is TARGETED, PERSONALISED  and PERFORMANCE BASED.