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The single platform for building the competency-based workforce and supporting lifelong learning

transforming people and organisations

Welcome to SkillsLogiQ

SkillsLogiQ is a technology company providing skills management and workforce innovation solutions to individuals, organisations and higher-education institutions.


We were founded by a group of industry leaders and academics from top tier universities in Australia, the United Kingdom and North America. Our SkillsLogiQ Platform is your single platform for the building of the 'competency-based workforce' and managing targeted skills development through lifelong learning. 


SkillsLogiQ is a 'next generation' skills management platform enabled by the latest advances in machine learning and data analytics to support end-to-end skills development. We identify skills gaps in individuals and workforces and support career pathways and performance improvement delivered through our plug-and-play application ecosystem.


Targeted development of  workforce competencies

Build organisational Capability Academies

Improve training R.O.I. 


Enabling alumni lifelong learning 

Supporting knowledge transfer


Build Alumni Academies

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FREE solutions to support workforce planning and L&D Consultants

  • Client self assessments

  • Embedded competency frameworks

  • Library of analytical reports

  • Data visualisations



At SkillsLogiQ we believe there are 5 pillars required to achieve individual and workplace skills transformation:


Having the right competencies for the job and creating development pathways based on career aspirations

Targeting education to the exact skills gaps of individuals

A focus on performance improvement of individuals, teams and the entire workforce


Workforce innovation that focuses on beneficial change

Mentoring on the job to support performance improvement.